Dr Emilia Lindroos

Legal linguist | Legal translator

Habilitandin, Europäische Rechtslinguistik, Universität zu Köln

University Lecturer, Legal Linguistics, University of Lapland

I am a researcher working in the field of legal linguistics, a relatively new academic discipline focusing on language and its use in the context of law. Within the interdisciplinary framework of legal linguistics my special areas of interest are linguistic challenges in criminal proceedings, in particular the right to legal interpreting and translation (LIT) with a view to ensuring the right to a fair trial, and forensic linguistics, that is the linguistic analysis of written and spoken texts for investigative and evidential purposes.


I hold both a Master's degree in linguistics and a doctorate in law. I received my MA with a specialization in German language, translation studies and law from the University of Helsinki, Finland, in 2007, and my LLD in comparative legal linguistics from the University of Lapland, Finland, in 2015.


Prior to entering the academia, I worked in cross-border crime investigation with the Finnish Border Guard and as a legal translator for EU institutions in Luxembourg (European Parliament, Court of Justice of the European Union). During my doctoral studies I conducted research at the University of Cologne, Germany, and at the Danish National Research Foundation's Centre of Excellence for International Courts (iCourts) at the University of Copenhagen, Denmark.


I am currently working on my Habilitation research project in European Legal Linguistics (Europäische Rechtslinguistik) at the University of Cologne and teaching legal linguistics at the Faculty of Law of the University of Lapland.




Research interests


Resulting from my practical work experience, my main research interests are in


  • comparative law, in particular comparative criminal law, and the comparison of legal languages and legal cultures within the multilingual legal system of the European Union;


  • legal translation and legal interpreting in criminal proceedings, particularly in the light of Directive 2010/64/EU on the right to interpretation and translation in criminal proceedings; and


  • legal communication in law enforcement, especially police investigative interviewing and the analysis of written texts as linguistic evidence.



While pursuing further research on law and language, I also provide legal translation services as well as legal linguistic consulting and training services.




Scholarships, grants, nominations and awards



  • 2016 Scholarship, Otto A. Malm Foundation (Post-doc research project Exploring Quality in Legal Interpreting in Finland)










Professional memberships


for a four-year period 2017-2020


for the academic year 2016-2017 at the Finnish Academy of Science and Letters


















Dr Emilia Lindroos

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CRILL Conference – Legal Discourse: Context, Media and Social Power, 24.–26.5.2018, Caserta, Italy



Transius Conference

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